It’s always a bit odd writing about yourself but I’m probably the one non-guest at your wedding that you’ll spend the most time with, so here’s a little bit about me.

Derryn Vranch Photographer

Hi! I’m Derryn and I’m a documentary wedding photographer based near Bath, but I shoot weddings all over the UK. I don’t mind jumping on a plane either, I’m all up for that!

I live in a cosy converted Steam Mill with my soon to be wife (yes we’re in this together!) and our two furballs, Nala, the super-chilled cat who can do no wrong and Milo, the crazy Border Collie who usually does everything wrong!

My favourite things in the world are cooking whilst watching YouTube, HP Sauce (I have it with everything), making lists and techie gadgets! 

When I’m not shooting weddings you’ll find me walking the dog who has more energy than the Duracell bunny, pretending that I’m good at DIY (I’m getting better) or laid out on the sofa getting stuck into a quirky indy film or a true-crime documentary usually with a glass of red or sampling a new craft ale!

I spend a lot of time outdoors whenever I can and nothing makes me happier than Forest Gumping it across the Devonshire coastline or scaling a random mountain in Wales.

My wedding photography style is laid back, creative and most of all FUN! I capture all the romantic and funny moments and let you get on with having a fabulous day.


Down with the B & G!

Me and the boss!

The other boss! (obvs not a selfie, she’s a cat!)

Useless Facts About Me!

  • I love food! There isn’t much I don’t like, except carrots, defo not a lover of carrots! Love wedding cake though, just saying!
  • I love cooking and I trained briefly as a chef although my fiancé still doesn’t believe me, she obviously hasn’t tried my Creme Brûlée’s

  • I’m a bit of a geek and have an unhealthy appetite for new tech. If there is an app or a new gadget on the market then I’m usually all over it!  

  • I am a trained Divemaster/underwater videographer and worked in Thailand for 4 years filming Manta Rays and anything else that happened to swim my way. Yes, there were sharks!

  • I seem to find it impossible to keep plants alive? I even managed to kill a cactus that only needed watering once every 6 months!

  • I’ve never met anyone with the same first name as me, so I’m definitely unique, as my fiancé keeps reminding me! 



We giggled most of the day and you made us feel at ease. Well done!

Nicola & Woody


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