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Business Photography for Pixie App.

It’s great to be involved with the guys at Pixie App who have commissioned me to shoot various independent businesses in the Bath area to be listed on their app. For this shoot, I visited three businesses in Bath, Three Abbey Green, Thai Hut, Bath Sushi

The main aim of the photography is to: Tell a story by capturing the vibe, the essence and personality of the business.

The shoot must include exterior, wide Interior, owner/staff shot, product/food, branding, doing/making shots.

All of the images are shot without the use of flash or any lighting as specified in the brief, so it’s tripod and long exposures all the way. This can be a little challenging at times!

Look out for other shoots for the Pixie Team in my blog.

If your business needs professional images for your website/brochures or marketing campaigns then get in touch

180927_PIXIE-BATH-Thai_Hut__0010 180927_PIXIE-BATH-Thai_Hut__0028 180927_PIXIE-BATH-Thai_Hut__0077 180927_PIXIE-BATH-Thai_Hut__0096 180927_PIXIE-BATH-Thai_Hut__0074 180927_PIXIE-BATH-Thai_Hut__0083 180927_PIXIE-BATH-Thai_Hut__0066 180927_PIXIE-BATH-Thai_Hut__0063 180927_PIXIE-BATH-Thai_Hut__0042 180927_PIXIE-BATH-Thai_Hut__0037 180927_PIXIE-BATH-Thai_Hut__0032 180927_PIXIE-BATH-Thai_Hut__0017 180927_PIXIE-BATH-Thai_Hut__0088 180927_PIXIE-BATH-No3_Abbey_Green__0058 180927_PIXIE-BATH-No3_Abbey_Green__0094 180927_PIXIE-BATH-No3_Abbey_Green__0082 180927_PIXIE-BATH-No3_Abbey_Green__0077 180927_PIXIE-BATH-No3_Abbey_Green__0075 180927_PIXIE-BATH-No3_Abbey_Green__0070 180927_PIXIE-BATH-No3_Abbey_Green__0054 180927_PIXIE-BATH-No3_Abbey_Green__0045 180927_PIXIE-BATH-No3_Abbey_Green__0037 180927_PIXIE-BATH-No3_Abbey_Green__0035 180927_PIXIE-BATH-No3_Abbey_Green__0032 180927_PIXIE-BATH-No3_Abbey_Green__0030 180927_PIXIE-BATH-No3_Abbey_Green__0029 180927_PIXIE-BATH-No3_Abbey_Green__0022 180927_PIXIE-BATH-No3_Abbey_Green__0020 180927_PIXIE-BATH-No3_Abbey_Green__0002 180927_PIXIE-BATH-Bath_Sushi__0075 180927_PIXIE-BATH-Bath_Sushi__0071 180927_PIXIE-BATH-Bath_Sushi__0068  180927_PIXIE-BATH-Bath_Sushi__0050 180927_PIXIE-BATH-Bath_Sushi__0047 180927_PIXIE-BATH-Bath_Sushi__0042 180927_PIXIE-BATH-Bath_Sushi__0032 180927_PIXIE-BATH-Bath_Sushi__0025 180927_PIXIE-BATH-Bath_Sushi__0024 180927_PIXIE-BATH-Bath_Sushi__0023 180927_PIXIE-BATH-Bath_Sushi__0018 180927_PIXIE-BATH-Bath_Sushi__0008 180927_PIXIE-BATH-Bath_Sushi__0004 180927_PIXIE-BATH-Bath_Sushi__0001





Bath Untapped September 19

Bath Untapped September 19

Another great networking evening at Walcot House hosted by the guys at Bath Untapped. It was a pleasure to be asked to photograph the event once again and to meet with local businesses. Great Guest Speeches from:- Gemma Phillis - Brand Counsel Greg Barden, CEO and...

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