To celebrate my 40th birthday I was invited to Dubai by some very good friends of mine who live there. I couldn’t wait to see the wonders of Dubai for myself and capture its beautiful expanse of desert and breath taking architecture.

My friends apartment was room no.2865! near the top of a large residential tower block in the centre of Business Bay, which is a great location.

Shortly after arriving my friend Chris said I would love the view from roof top pool, he wasn’t wrong, it was absolutely breathtaking. Standing in all there in all its glory was the tallest building in the world, the Khalifa Tower, standing at 830 metres high, the masterpiece of Dubai’s modern architecture and I had the perfect photo vantage point.

The sun had was beginning to set so I grabbed my camera, I couldn’t wait photograph this amazing view. The sun had nearly set and the ‘blue hour’ was beginning to kick in i knew this would be the perfect moment, the Khalifa Tower began to turn from silver to a warm glow of gold. My tripod was unfortunately to bulky to bring on this trip so I knew I had to rely a high ISO and a slow shutter speed to really capture that ambient light. To avoid camera I balanced my Canon 6D rather nervously on the edge the building and took a series of shots using my 24-105mm f4 and 70-200L f2.8 IS. I only wish I had a wider lens than 24mm, it so big I simply couldn’t fit it all in!

The following day I headed to the Khalifa Tower to get up close and personal. I took a series of shots from the base of the building. I chose to include something in the foreground to add perspective to the sheer height of this amazing building. Over the course of my holiday I returned the rooftop several times to take more shots and take full advantage of the amazing views. Shiekh Zayed Road is the main vain in Dubai and it ran right past my friends building. It never sleeps! It made for a great city scape shot. It reminded me of a game I used to play called Sim City so I decided to process the image with a tilt shift ‘toytown’ effect using blurring tool in Lightroom.

I had a great time in Dubai I plan to return later this year. This time I am definitely going to invest in a sturdy travel tripod and pack some ND grad filters and push my creativity even further



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