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The Brief

I was commissioned by Little Lightbulb to provide a series of images which were to be used in the design of a website for their client Forest to Home. The furniture produce is niche luxury high end made from reclaimed material. The use of stock photography was not an option as the images needed to be authentic, compelling and create a large visual impact.


The concept was to take the reclaimed furniture pieces back to their natural environment to create a connection with the imagery and the product.  This was to be followed by a second shoot to capture the furniture in a typical end user environment to fit with the target market.

The initial shoot location was a private estate in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside. The furniture pieces were placed in various locations to provide a good selection of angles and a variety of environments. Natural light was to play a key part in capturing the rawness of the product and theme although artificial light was also used to bring out the unique detail. The end user shoot was shot in a rustic country house where the finished pieces were placed where they might typically be used but without losing subject focus.


Forest-to-homes034Forest-to-homes074Forest-to-homes082Forest-to-homes096Forest-to-homes162Forest-to-homes180Forest-to-homes242Products were place in typical end user environment to fit in with the target market.


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