A series of environmental portraits for a feature in Bath Life Magazine. These were all shot in one afternoon and I only had approximately 15 minutes at each location. The shoot was centred around local traders in the Bath Abbey area of Bath. Being a tourist area I had to be quick and cause as less disruption as possible so I used a simple one light setup and a balance of ambient light. 

Thanks to the following Traders for their time, Three Abbey Green, The Real Italian Pizza Company, The Real Italian Ice Cream Company, Sally Lunns, One Two Five Gallery, Leather Chairs of Bath and Jody Cory Goldsmiths.


Portrait of Nici and Alan from Three Abbey Green Hotel in BathThe Real Italian Pizza Company. A portrait of Flavio JuvionSan Fran Fudge Factory. A portrait of Donmmica Dron

Leather Chairs Of bath- Loxton

I used a one light setup and a balance of ambient light