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Beautiful Boudoir

Beautiful Boudoir

I was lucky enough to be selected to work on a shoot with pro boudoir photographer Andrea Dennis (Pinklilyphotography.co.uk) thanks to the guys at PhotoPlus Magazine. The article was to be run as a 10 page editorial feature so as you can imagine I was pretty stoked! The shoot took place in a large suite room in a posh local hotel in Bath which certainly set the ambience for the shoot.

The model was fantastic and obviously experienced. The room was well lit so natural light and a mix of fast prime lenses was undoubtably the best option. I love shooting with primes, they allow for a lovely depth of creativity and produce such natural fantastic image quality. I would shoot with them all the time if I could.! For most of the shoot I used a Canon 50mm 1.4 along with the superb 85mm 1.2.

Many thanks to the Photoplus team and to Andrea for great some insider tips.  I had many favourites from the day, to many in fact. Here is a selection.

Model  – Charlotte Roest Ellis.

Boudoir charlotte-1-2Boudoir charlotte-35-2Boudoir charlotte-49-2Boudoir charlotte-56Boudoir charlotte-57-2Boudoir charlotte-61Boudoir charlotte-62-2Boudoir charlotte-78-2Boudoir charlotte-80Boudoir charlotte-89-2
Boudoir charlotte-117-2Boudoir charlotte-131
Boudoir charlotte-221Boudoir charlotte-216Boudoir charlotte-147-2