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London Fashion Week 2014

London Fashion Week 2014

Those great people at Jessops and Canon (I’m not a camera snob, I used to shoot Nikon) ran a competition this year to win a ‘Shoot the Show’ event at the London Fashion week 2014.  Little was I to know that my ever so fantastic and super supportive partner decided to enter me as a little surprise.

Yes, I know what your thinking, Canon, London Fashion Week, high profile, to good to be true right? So I was totally stoked when Jessops dropped me an email in my inbox congratulating me on being one of the ‘select few’ winners to join them for this unique event and get some insider tips on the exclusive world of fashion photography. It certainly made my day. I really couldn’t wait to head down there and shoot professional models, bit of a dream come true!

They even let us shoot from the photographer’s pit, the same pit where days earlier the world’s press have been shooting London Fashion Week. I got a taste of fashion photography, and I liked it!

It was a truly fantastic experience.

Thank you Jessops and Canon. Thank you London Fashion Week but most of all thank you Sam