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The Bath Gift Card Launch Event

by Oct 7, 2018Event

The team at The Bath Business Improvement District commissioned me to cover the launch of the exciting new Bath Gift Card held at The Huntsman in Bath.  The brief was to capture the guests arriving and enjoying the evening along with , speeches, branding and interaction with the new card.

The Bath Gift Card is the perfect flexible present for any occasion. It is accepted across the city in shops and restaurants, hotels and bars, museums and manicurists plus much more. The Bath Gift Card can be purchased online at www.bathgiftcard.com and from designated sales points in the city, such as My Small World in Southgate.


The-Bath-Gift-Card-1 The-Bath-Gift-Card-2 The-Bath-Gift-Card-3 The-Bath-Gift-Card-4 The-Bath-Gift-Card-5 The-Bath-Gift-Card-6 The-Bath-Gift-Card-7 The-Bath-Gift-Card-8 The-Bath-Gift-Card-9 The-Bath-Gift-Card-10 The-Bath-Gift-Card-11 The-Bath-Gift-Card-12 The-Bath-Gift-Card-13 The-Bath-Gift-Card-14 The-Bath-Gift-Card-15 The-Bath-Gift-Card-16 The-Bath-Gift-Card-17 The-Bath-Gift-Card-18 The-Bath-Gift-Card-19 The-Bath-Gift-Card-20 The-Bath-Gift-Card-21 The-Bath-Gift-Card-22 The-Bath-Gift-Card-23 The-Bath-Gift-Card-24 The-Bath-Gift-Card-25 The-Bath-Gift-Card-26 The-Bath-Gift-Card-27 The-Bath-Gift-Card-28 The-Bath-Gift-Card-29 The-Bath-Gift-Card-30 The-Bath-Gift-Card-31 The-Bath-Gift-Card-32 The-Bath-Gift-Card-33 The-Bath-Gift-Card-34 The-Bath-Gift-Card-35 The-Bath-Gift-Card-36 The-Bath-Gift-Card-37 The-Bath-Gift-Card-38 The-Bath-Gift-Card-39 The-Bath-Gift-Card-40 The-Bath-Gift-Card-41 The-Bath-Gift-Card-42 The-Bath-Gift-Card-43 The-Bath-Gift-Card-44 The-Bath-Gift-Card-45 The-Bath-Gift-Card-46 The-Bath-Gift-Card-47 The-Bath-Gift-Card-48 The-Bath-Gift-Card-49 The-Bath-Gift-Card-50 The-Bath-Gift-Card-51




KES Summer Ball at the Apex Hotel in Bath

KES Summer Ball at the Apex Hotel in Bath

This year's theme for the annual KES summer ball was everyone's favourite 007! Set in the new Apex Hotel in Bath. Titled 'Kesino Royale' it was bond galore with screened film clips throughout the night, lifesize bond cut outs and of course, a pop-up casino with lots...

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